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The Final report of project on identification of potential use of the biogas in Mongolia


Project activities started up on June, 2010 and completed on December  2012.

Note: Initially project planned to start in February, 2010. But. Project activities started up in June,2010 due to cold season in February.  

Goal of project

This project goal was to indentify the potentials and barriers to using livestock dung biogas in Mongolia.  It was done by investigating international experiences, particularly in areas with similar climates to Mongolia. International technologies will be adapted to Mongolian conditions and applied at one pilot site, around less 100km from the capital city of Ulaanbaatar.

The project  implemented by stakeholders at a variety of levels, including local and national, and private and public sectors.

 Objectives of project

  • Construction of household pilot biogas plant in community ( group herders) in  near Ulaanbaatar  
  • Developing user guideline of biogas technology 
  • Education of local people about maintenance of pilot biogas plant


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