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Publications for Environmental Education

Eco School guideline for school teachers, students and community menbers

Guideline consists of Eco school 7 steps, assessment methodlogy and some Environmental laws and International conventions.           .

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Environmental trainingmanual for Teacher

The training manual consists of two volumes are basic and higher education level. The training manual covers environmental subjects such as air, soil, water, waste, forest, plant, animal, energy and protected areas.

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The training manual of local curriculum for Eco Schools

Eco School's teachers are developed local curriculum of excursion for schools. Excursions covers air pollution, water basin, animal habitat, soil structure and plant live.

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Ecology and Nature Conservation

Ecology and Nature Concervation is guidelines for students. This guideline consists of Ecological issues, traditional knowledge for Nature Concervations and other environmental topics. 

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Methane To Market in Mongolia

Methane Recovery and Utilization 

We have organized workshop on methane recovery and utilization possibility in Nalaikh mine area. The objectives of the Workshop were to a better understanding of the methane recovery and utilization development issues.

The workshop also decided to publish and distribute the proceedings of the workshop. Also, we have included in this workshop proceedings some articles which were published in another proceedings. read more



This report presents to you final report a Pre-feasibility study on Methane Recovery and Utilization in the Nalaikh Mine Area, Mongolia.


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Biological diversity conseravtion




Mongolian second report on Biological diversity Conservation of Mongolia

 Mongolian National second report on Biological diversity Conservation has created in 2002.                                                                                                                                        read more


 Mongolian second report on Biological diversity Conservation of Mongolia

Mongolian National third report has created in 2007. MNEC and Mongolian scientists are prepared this report about mongolian biodiversity action plan implementation and global targets of biodiversity convention.  



Mongolian second report on Biological diversity Conservation of Mongolia

  Protecting biodiversity, ensuring sustainable utilization of natural resources and limiting the loss of habitat in the face of global climate change and negative anthropogenic impacts is a critical challenge for Mongolia, which has an environment with a harsh continental climate and fragile ecosystems.



Solid waste management

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Waste management in Darkhan city
The final report of Waste management study in Darkhan city was produced with great efforts of the relevant staff of the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism of Mongolia and National consultant team from the Mongolian Nature and Environment Consortium. The research was carried out during August 2010 and January 2011. Several meetings held in Darkhan and Ulaanbaatar cities to discuss project planning, progress and completion of the final report.
The study was supported within framework of the Research Agreement signed on 12nd May, 2010 in Ulaanbaatar between Korea Environment Corporation and Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism. The purpose of the research was to assess existing solid waste management practices in Darkhan city and to carry out waste characterization feasibility study at waste disposal site.

Artisanal mining and Ninja

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 Final report on Improving the life of informal Gold miners in Zaamar Gold field

The socio-economic condition, health and basic social services of Ninjas were studied using the descriptive approach, and working conditions and occupational safety were studied through observation and were based on relevant available statistical data. The environment condition of Ninja‟s living and working places were studied using through environment screening process. A safe legal environment al issues for miners and requirements of their training needs identified on based of results of meeting with individual people who are informally engaged in gold mining activities and their families, at the time of conducting the survey.


Eco School guideline for school teachers, students and community members


Guideline consists of Main understanding about Ecology, Eco school 7 steps, assessment methodlogy, Outdoor activities for children, some Environmental laws and International conventions, reporting of Eco school and best experiences of Eco School of Ireland and Sweden.                                                                                                  


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 Eco School guideline for school teachers, students and community members


Eco Club guideline consists of How to organize and coordinate eco clubs at school and local, Outdoor activities for children, Creative ideas to reuse rubbish, Fun games and Environmental Celebration days of International. 


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