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Methane Recovery and Utilization Opportunities

Since entering the 21st century the issues of climate change has caused increasing extensive concern of the international society. Climate change brings about severe chal­lenges to sustainable development and to the future of world. It has already become an urgent topic facing the entire mankind.

Mongolia is a developing country and is well recognized internationally for her efforts to reduce green gas emissions and Mongolia has consistently demonstrated its strong sup­port of international initiatives in protection of the global climate. In order to comply with her international obligations and commitments Mongolia developed and implemented several environmental protection policy documents such as Mongolian Sustainable development strategy and national Agenda 21, National climate change action Plan, energy policy strat­egy, the renewable energy aimed at reducing green house gases emissions in Mongolia.

Mongolia has rich coal resources. The coal resources of Mongolia are 162 billions tones, the 10th largest in the world. In recent years, the Mongolian Government and the Coal industry have attached great importance on Coal methane mine (CMM) and coalbed methane (CBM) development and utilization. On 27th March 2008 the Government of Mongolia became the 24th member of the Methane to Markets Partnership Program operated by the US Environmental Protection Agency‘s Climate Change Division.

The Government of Mongolia supports the Methane to Markets Partnership. It will provide more financing channels and technical support, and accelerate development of methane recovery and utilization. In the framework of the Methane to Market Partnership Program, Mongolia has implemented small pre- feasibility studies on methane recovery and utilization possibilities in Nalaikh mine.

The Mongolian Nature and Environment Consortium is implementing the EPA‘s grant award on pre-feasibility studies of methane recovery and utilization in Nalaikh mine area, Mongolia. The EPA grant award activities started from 30 September 2008 and were completed 30 December, 2009.

The main goals of the EPA‘s grant are to conduct a pre-feasibility study on data collection at the Nalaikh coal mine, make an assessment of coal methane resource potential at Nalaikh mine, prepare the Global environment facility (GEF) project outline for larger efforts to remove barriers and promote investment in CMM recovery in Mongolia, strengthen capacity building through organizing workshops and meetings and publication of materials, identify and remove barriers to CMM recovery on investment opportunities and review and revise the existing methane and petroleum laws and policy documents.


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