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Eco School Profile

Eco School project goals are to improve the environmental and ecological education in Mongolian public schools.  This is being accomplished through a seven step process that includes the establishment of an Eco-School Committee that will oversee curriculum implementation and project creation, conducting  an assessment of the environmental situation in selected schools, developing a plan for environmental action, creating a school and environment specific curriculum to be taught in the classes, informing the public about the actions, writing an Eco-Code that states what the school is trying to achieve and   lastly monitoring and evaluation.

The MNEC conducted training for teachers   on use of books for teachers which teachers began to use during the school’s civic education hours.

The overall goal of the project is to assist committed schools to improve the environmental and social condition and education in Mongolia’s schools and communities. The main objectives to achieve this goal are the implementation of the Eco-School seven steps. These include the selection of schools, improvement of management including capacity and technical building through establishment of an eco-school committee, conducting an environmental assessment, creating an action plan, writing an environmental based curriculum,  involving the parents and  local community though promoting public awareness, writing and implementing an Eco-Code, and lastly, monitoring and evaluation for implementing project.

National Eco Schools


Eco Schools of Jargalant soum of Khovd aimag are: 

  1. First twelve year school 
  2. Second twelve year school
  3. Third twelve year school
  4. Sixth twelve year school
  5. Twelve year school of Buyant soum 
  6. Twelve year school of Khovd soum
  7. Twelve year school of Myangad soum
  8. Twelve year school of Durgun soum
  9. Twelve year school of Chandmani soum
  10. Twelve year school of Duut soum
  11. Twelve year school of Zereg soum 
  12. Twelve year school of Erdeneburen soum
  13. Twelve year school of Mankhan soum 


Eco Schools of Ulaanbaatar city are:

  1. 32 school of Khan - Uul district 
  2. 36 School of Songinikhairkhan district 
  3. 105 school of Songinikhairkhan district
  4. Amgalan complex school of Bayanzurkh district 
  5. 79 school of Bayanxurkh district 
  6. 58 school 
  7. 37 school 
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